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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls, Boca Raton FL

Building a retaining wall becomes an important aspect of many landscaping projects. Some properties have a lot of grading and this also erodes the soil very quickly. In some instances, certain areas in sloping spaces have to be excavated to install driveways, garden steps, pathways or walkways, or even to build outdoor structures like an outdoor kitchen. In such cases, it becomes important to have the right support for the surrounding soil and rock.

Without the right kind of retaining walls, you risk damage to the landscaping as well as to the outdoor structures on your property. Exotic Pavers has been operating in this space for a number of years. We have over 20 years of combined experience in the field and have handled a large number of retaining wall installation projects for customers in and around Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach and Wellington.

We have a great deal of expertise in this field and have many satisfied customers across Lake Worth Beach, Jupiter and West Palm Beach. Retaining wall construction is a specialized job and very different from just building standard walls for outdoor structures. The former has to be designed in detail, engineered to perfection, built with the right materials and stable and strong. They have to bear the weight of the soil on the property and need to be structurally stable enough to stand for a number of years.

Retaining Walls Installation, Delray Beach FL


Different types of materials can be used to build retaining walls, such as:

  • Concrete Masonry Units – These CMUs are commonly used in retaining walls. As they are pre-fabricated, their installation is very easy and typically, we clad them with the stone veneer of your choice. This adds the aesthetic factor and enhances the look of the entire landscaping.
  • Poured Concrete – This is another option, but is more prone to cracking. It’s best used in areas where there isn’t much of a soil load to support. This option is also more economical than the others.
  • Brick Retaining Walls – Brick has been used in the construction of retaining walls for hundreds of years. They are highly resilient, look great and are very low-maintenance too.
  • Stone – This is a good option, but the construction tends to be more complex, which makes it more expensive than the rest of the materials. We can also install dry stone retaining walls – these have a very rustic appearance.


Many of our clients want to know how retaining walls are built. A landscape retaining wall has to be able to withstand the forces of gravity and the weight of the soil. This is why they need to have a very solid foundation under the ground level. It will also have a backfill, which supports and cushions the wall structure and provides the required drainage. For more information about our retaining wall installation solutions, call Exotic Pavers at 561-200-5397. You can also sign up for a free estimate via this online form.