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Brick Pavers Installation in Palm Beach County

Features in your outdoor living space like your patio and driveway not only provide a functional element to your property, but they also have a considerable effect on the appearance. Although you may have various paving options when it comes to installing outdoor features, we often recommend outdoor brick pavers. Brick pavers are versatile so they can be used in various locations and for a number of purposes, making them one of the most highly regarded materials for hardscape projects.

A driveway with brick pavers installation in Palm Beach County.

Brick Pavers for Exterior Spaces

At Exotic Pavers, our brick pavers installation services in Palm Beach County offer high-quality materials from leading suppliers. Bricks are durable when installed properly, ensuring your family and friends enjoy your outdoor living space for many years to come. Furthermore, brick pavers maintain their functionality and rustic look, making them an excellent long-term investment for any outdoor features on your property. 

The founders at our brick pavers company have more than 30 years of combined experience, ensuring your brick pavers are installed professionally. We work closely with you to understand your goals and ensure the best possible outcomes for your outdoor space. Whether it’s a large patio or an impressive pool deck, our experienced team offers brick pavers installation in the Palm Beach County area to create spectacular outdoor living areas with various design options. 

We use brick pavers of different sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns to create beautiful outdoor features that suit your specific style and preferences. You can schedule a free estimate and one of our experts will listen to your envisioned ideas and make recommendations for the most suitable outdoor brick pavers. This allows you to create a personalized outdoor living space that enhances the aesthetics of your property and increases its value. 

Varieties of Brick Pavers

Whether your property has a traditional or modern appearance, our brick pavers installation service in Palm Beach County will find a style that matches it perfectly. You can create a look that catches the eye or combines pavers for a more natural look. Our brick pavers are well-known for maintaining their color and their stain resistance prevents them from fading under harsh weather conditions. Some of the varieties of brick pavers we supply include:

  • Burnt Oak 
  • Coral
  • Granite Heritage
  • Old Chicago
  • Cappuccino
  • Dark Orange
  • Mahogany Ash
  • Red Wood
  • Dark Brown
  • Driftwood
  • Natural
  • Red
  • Coffee
  • Goldenrod
  • Oak Run
  • Ortega

The Advantages of Brick Pavers

Although the warm, rustic, and natural look of brick pavers is an essential aspect of any outdoor space, brick paving also serves various functional purposes. Our clients often choose brick pavers installation in Palm Beach County because this type of paving is highly affordable and easy to maintain. Sweeping the flooring on a regular basis and power washing these pavers from time to time are usually enough to keep them looking in perfect condition. Besides low maintenance, brick pavers also have the following functional advantages:

A driveway with brick pavers installation in Palm Beach County

Slip Resistant

Due to their extremely abrasive properties and naturally textured surface, outdoor brick pavers are slip- and skid-resistant. Non-slip surfaces are ideal for walking or driving in wet weather conditions. For this reason, our brick pavers company often recommends this type of material for pool decks, driveways, and patios.


Brick pavers installation in Palm Beach County is sought after because this material has high levels of durability and is intended to withstand the elements. They are able to resist extreme foot traffic, weather conditions, and day-to-day wear and tear without showing many signs of damage. As a result, there is minimal need for maintenance, which decreases the need for regular repairs.

Ability to Retain Its Color

Brick pavers have a strong ability to retain their color throughout extended periods of time. The reason for this is that the material in brick pavers doesn’t get affected negatively by UV rays caused by the sun. This is because there are no artificial colors added to brick pavers and the appearance is the result of natural clay in the material. As a result, many people in Palm Beach County choose brick pavers installations for their outdoor living spaces. 

Flexibility in Design

Brick pavers offer many options when it comes to design. They can create a stunning look in many outdoor features from driveways to sophisticated pool decks and patios. Brick pavers are also available in various colors and patterns, allowing you to achieve the ideal look for your property. Many homeowners choose outdoor brick pavers because of the endless possibilities they offer to transform outdoor areas into visually appealing living spaces.

Excellent Installation Quality

Exotic Pavers has a combined experience of more than 30 years so it can be ensured that every project we complete is professionally installed, whether that be other types of pavers like porcelain or designing patios. Our contractors and installers work closely with you to make sure that the brick paver installation on your property in the Palm Beach County area meets your goals and long-term investment plans. Call us today at 561-200-5397 or schedule a free estimate to let us help you transform your outdoor spaces into stunning living areas.

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