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The usual outdoor feature that most property owners request when improving the functionality and look of their outdoors is a patio. This is not surprising since this feature doesn't require a huge budget to install. Another reason why it is a popular option for homeowners is the aesthetics that it can provide. When designed by professionals, it can dramatically improve the beauty of the entire outdoor area.

A patio is also highly recommended if you want to add more living space in your home. As an extension of your indoor living, this feature can provide additional space for relaxation, family bonding, entertaining guests, and even some fun outdoor activities. But before you proceed with the project, make sure that you hire an experienced contractor to the design and installation. You should also look for a trusted company like us at Exotic Pavers. We are known in Florida for our excellently built patios. We serve clients from Boca Raton, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Lake Worth, Wellington, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and North Palm Beach, FL.

Patio Ideas

Are you looking for design ideas that you can use for your patio installation project? If yes, we can help you. Our crews are well-experienced in creating outdoor living spaces and they are also updated with the latest trends in the industry. We can provide you with some exciting patio ideas that will suit your needs, design taste, outdoor setup, and budget. For example, you should opt for the roofed-type patio if you want an outdoor living space that can be used all year round. Meanwhile, the open-type one is best for those with limited outdoor space or smaller landscapes. The materials used in the construction will also affect the look and functionality of this feature. You can choose from concrete pavers, bricks, or natural stones, depending on your preferences and desired look.

Patio Designs

The great thing about patios is that they can be customized according to client's specifications. The client can choose the kind of materials to be used and the specific amenities to include. If you get our design services, we will create unique patio designs that will highlight your personality and lifestyle. We can also follow some popular designs or themes such as Old World, contemporary, and modern. These themes can easily complement with your home's architecture and landscape setup.

Stone Patios

We highly recommend stone patios for those who want extremely durable and beautiful outdoor living spaces. In fact, most of our clients in upscale properties in Florida use paving stones for their patios and other outdoor features and amenities. They prefer granite, marble, and bluestone, and even flagstones to create a more interesting patio design. Choosing natural stone will cost you more but the beauty that it can provide is priceless.

Patio Blocks

The use of patio blocks is becoming a popular option today. Homeowners who bought this type of paving material are amazed of its features and qualities. These blocks are available in larger dimensions, so installation is easy. You can also save on labor cost since the task is completed at a faster rate. You can choose the standard 8"x16" blocks or opt for larger units such as the 16"x24" blocks. Another great thing about this paving material is that they are available in exciting designs and patterns.


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