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There are various home improvement projects that homeowners can work on. The most common is improving the function, aesthetics, or safety of certain areas in the home. You may feel the need to bring something up-to-date like your doors and windows, where you can install shutters to keep you safe during the storms. Shutters also help insulate rooms and interior spaces from the heat and cold.

They also decrease noise and improve your home's privacy. If you decide to install these features, hire home improvement specialists like us at Exotic Pavers.


Shutters are hinged panels that are attached permanently to a door or window and can be swung out of the way. Shutters serve many functions. However, exotic-designed shutters go a bit further since they help boost the value and aesthetics of your home. Our custom-designed exotic shutters create a rustic charm and striking appeal that will dramatically improve the aesthetics of your home or property.


Florida is not exempted from hurricanes, so your home must be hurricane proof. Our suggestion is to install hurricane shutters. A hurricane shutter helps protect your home or commercial property from extreme weather conditions. These shutters offer a great advantage for unexpected storms. Simply pull the shutter down and it keeps the wind and rain out. Some of the popular hurricane shutter designs include accordion, storm panel, Bahamas, Colonials, and roll down. Each of our options meets current Florida Building Code standards, so you are assured that your property is well-protected.


If you are concerned about security and safety, then installing impact windows and doors should be on your home improvement project list. Because impact-resistant doors and windows are protective systems for your home or office; they do more than just protect you from high-velocity winds. They provide you that peace of mind in terms of reducing noise and energy bills, protecting your property from the elements and delivering around-the-clock protection.

Our services range from installation of affordable shutters and screens and conventional windows and doors that are impact- resistant. As a highly experienced and BBB-certified company, we always guarantee personalized customer service and quality workmanship. Feel free to contact us at 561-614-1142 if you're from Palm Beach County or nearby area.

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Exotic Windows and Shutters
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Exotic Windows and Shutters
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